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A 'Hand-Book' for everyone. How to prevent RSI explains the reasons we develop RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury – as well as Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and all the related problems stemming from constant daily use of our hands.

RSI has affected musicians, surgeons, dentists, carpenters, gardeners, and many others who use their hands constantly in the daily course of their work. But today it is affecting more and more people because of the increasing use of computers and mouses.

In America, as well as many other countries, RSI is the subject of workplace regulations (Occupational and Safety Health Administration – OSHA) requiring businesses to maintain a supply of materials, including books, videos and courses, dealing with this nagging and pervasive problem.

All businesses with full-time typists – law offices, accountants, government agencies, schools, universities, etc, can add How to Prevent RSI to their shelves with confidence that it will help to alleviate this problem in their workplace.

The Michel angelo Code – How to Prevent RSI provides the tools of knowledge by which we can understand how our hands actually work – and thereby gives us the ability to do something about it. This information applies to everyone – people typing at computers just as much as those playing the piano or performing brain surgery.

We are lent a hand in our understanding of this subject by one of history's great observers of the human body.

Alan Kogosowski's combination of classical pianist with adviser on repetitive strain came about because one of the essential factors in a concert pianist's career is learning to master RSI. Many famous pianists have been virtually crippled by CTS – carpal tunnel syndrome, an affliction much feared in the classical music world, and now also increasingly so with computer and mouse users. Its effects are so devastating that pianists are often afraid to speak about it, and teachers think of it as some kind of mystery illness. The simple truth is, RSI is a direct result of incorrect posture and modes of hand usage. These are examined clearly and simply in How to Prevent RSI.


Unlike Genius of the Piano, which examines the ever-present danger of RSI for those most at risk – pianists – as well as giving an in-depth picture of the history and culture of the piano, How to Prevent RSI addresses the problem simply and directly in terms of everyone's hand usage – especially those using computers on a sustained basis. The basic points covered are the essence of this ever-growing problem, and they apply to everyone.